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west county serpentine

Located in a rare ecosystem in West Sonoma, this project juxtaposes raw beauty against the clean lines of modern architecture.  The home, designed by Lars Langburg and associates, sits within an ecosystem of serpentine soils and federally protected Manzanita bakeri.

The combination of the existing beauty, very limiting serpentine soils, and strict governmental controls led our design strategy of preserving and enhancing the existing landscape rather than excessively adding to it.

Multiple hikes and early exploration oversite work gave Rick the time on the land needed to find the true gems hidden beneath the wildly overgrown and hazardous conditions that existed at the beginning of the project. We uncovered many surprises.  Boulder outcroppings with views across the valley and truly magical seating areas beneath mature Sargent’s Cypress and Manzanita bakeri.

In addition to the landscape design, our principal led the necessary teams in biological oversite, geologic and soil-based studies needed to facilitate pre-construction excavation to determine likely subsurface conditions.  This was necessary to assist the architectural team in foundation design, as well as managing the entire infrastructure installation, balancing the construction needs and strict governmental regulations of protected species.

Architect: Lars Langberg and Associates

Landscape Design Elder Creek Design Studios

Engineers: Lescure Engineering, PJC Engineers

Photography: Erica Ohlsen

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