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west county boheme

This funky landscape sits in Sebastopol’s eclectic, Florence Avenue neighborhood. Literally a short stroll through the neighborhood to the iconic Lowell’s Restaurant and just 5 blocks from downtown.


The front yard was inspired by Starhawk’s book, “The 5th Sacred Thing,” representing the 5 elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit with plants and sculpture.  The sculptures, designed by Rick Taylor, represent Fire and Spirit and the balance between feminine and masculine.

The backyard consists of many areas designed to feel comfortable with as few as 1-2 people but with the ability to blend seamlessly into each other for larger parties. Complete with a small native lawn, outdoor shower and clawfoot tub, reclaimed wood and steel bar with functioning taps, artist studio, fruit trees, lounge resting beneath a mature oak, and a blackwater system that cleans all of the water coming from the kitchen and redistributes it to the landscapes.

This place feels cozy while sitting on the couch with a glass of wine reading by the fire, and is also perfectly sized for a party of 60 with a live band on the deck and drinks pouring out of the bar.

The artists, designers, intellectuals, and scientists living here can often be found in one of the nooks or using the lounge to gather with friends. 

Landscape Design: Elder Creek Design Studios

Phography: Erica Ohlsen

Elder Creek 4956.jpg
12Elder Creek 5187.jpg
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