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watershed retreat

This retreat sits deep in Sonoma's west county. Perched on a discreet knoll beneath majestic redwoods and mature oaks, with views stretching over a nature preserve all the way to the Sonoma coast.     

The site design addresses vehicular traffic and the challenge of the pool entry also being the homes main entrance.

By offering two different levels to the main entry with a conjoining lounge deck, we were able to gracefully merge the practical needs of entering the home from the parking and preserve the entrance path while also hiding the vehicles and creating a dedicated entry to the pool area once you have arrived. 


Our septic field feeds fruit trees and a native meadow; our rainwater storage overflows into a seasonal protected wetland providing us and the ecosystem with the life giving water.   

A unique approach to hacking irrigation management tools allows us to monitor the rain tanks and keep them at minimum operating capacity in the fall so we can capture all the rain we can while ensuring we always have enough for operation needs. 


This retreat is set up to self-management to the greatest extent possible while being able to track critical site needs remotely. 

Designer:  Elder Creek Design Studios

Interior designer:  Niche interiors

Photography:  Brad Kinipstein

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