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soco midcentury


Located in the heart of Santa Rosa, this midcentury project brings interior-level details to the outdoor living environment.


The outdoor living areas were modernized while working with the history and intent of the early Codding development team from which this house originated.

Raw concrete board form walls dance with the rich complexity of porcelain tiles at the entry and pool areas.  Sustainable kiln-dried ash forms a connection between the house, the gates, and the custom benches at both fire pit locations.

Custom-colored breeze block walls provide an open screening effect while connecting back to the midcentury roots of the project.

We were blessed with mature maples and birch trees to protect and incorporate into our spaces. The soft and whimsical branches of the birch dance into the back of our living room space, while the maple provides a strong architectural form and ceiling to our nook just off the living room.

Even the driveway is a touch of mid-century, with a modern selection of exposed aggregate and a rich deep grey to separate out from the rest.  Our sand-cast grey concrete ties the rest of the finished surfaces together.

Delicate lighting provides an elegant experience once the sun goes down, whether strolling out the living room fire pit or heading for drinks and a swim by the pool.

Design: Mattie Bosh

Design, Engineering, Installation Support Services: Elder Creek Design Studio

Photographer: Tyler Chartier

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