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Where are you on the spectrum of concern for the climate?

While I don’t spend much time discussing whether climate change is real, I do spend a lot of time in discussions with varying viewpoints about how severe the crisis is, how urgent and bold our actions need to be, and being honest about what we really know.

Meaningful discussions are an important part of advancing clarity, truth, and our own personal growth. This chart from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication is a helpful gauge of where you lie on the spectrum of concern and motivation.


Personally, I lie somewhere between the concerned and alarmed camp.

I clearly have dedicated 10’s of thousands of hours (not a typo) to this work and too much money to share publicly. So I do not take it lightly. It is part of my life’s work.

However, “alarmed" signals that I may be in some sort of reactionary fight or flight mode and I do my best to stay out of that so I can think rationally and act effectively.

Fight or Flight is NOT a place from which to make healthy long-term decisions that can affect generations to come. Turning our concern for the environment into positive action is the path we choose at Elder Creek. A truly carbon-positive landscape is not yet an easy thing to accomplish, but we do know the path to get there.

If you choose to work with us, we will bring these conversations forward and guide you down a path of informed decision-making.

Rick Taylor

Principal, Elder Creek Design Studios

More information on carbon in the landscape can be found on the Sandbox website.



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